Senior Lions win season opener

lionsdiamondsThe Senior Lions won their first game of the 2009 season against the Antwerp Diamonds. Final score: 6-8. Sven ran the ball in for the first 6 points in the second quarter, Erik caught the two point conversion in the endzone. It was a close game that stranded with a kneeldown on the Lions’ own 2 yard line. Next game on the schedule will be against the Brussels Bulls next week Sunday at Sportkot, 3pm.

Great job Lions, keep it up!

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6 comments on “Senior Lions win season opener
  1. Peter Haest says:

    Indeed, great job.
    Ik duim voor jullie

    Coach 3.14

  2. Congratulations to everybody with the victory!

  3. congratz to the whole team
    lets keep it up guys, see you tonight at practice !!

  4. Thx guys! We’ll arrange you all VIP seats for the game next Sunday at Leuven… except for you Ole ;-)

  5. Birgid’s pictures from yesterday’s game were uploaded. Check them out on facebook or on the website (!

    Thank you Birgid!

  6. Also, Gary was shooting pictures at the game, you can check them out at

    Big thx for the pics, Gary!